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Color in Connecticut E-Design

E-design, or virtual design as some call it, can be a fun and approachable way to work with a designer. I personally find it so exciting to be able to design beautiful spaces for people all over the country. Although we never get to meet in person, I still aim to get to know my clients, their families and style of living to create the best design possible… from afar!

This family, located in Connecticut, had a rich craving for color and pattern. After a brief phone call and combing through their vibrant inspiration images, I knew we were going to have fun with this design!

They had a beautiful backdrop to work with and were proven to be quite handy as they did all the work themselves! Just look at that millwork and those gorgeous windows.

They also discussed their grand plans for that brick wall that would soon include a fireplace, television and two tall built-ins. All to be painted a rich blue color for maximum impact! Once we established a direction for the space, how they intended to use it, and a few items on their wish list, I put together their first concept along with a floor-plan for furniture placement.

They loved the direction but wanted a few more options for artwork and decided one large ottoman would better suit their relaxation style. So after the first round of revisions, I put together their rendering so they could envision everything in their space. Such a bright and beautiful room!

And with one last artwork tweak, they began purchasing items at their own pace and sending updates along the way. I always love seeing the before and afters, but especially the in-betweens! I guided them in the ordering process, letting them know which items would take the longest so they could coordinate the deliveries with the completion of their construction. And WOW did it turn out beautifully! I call this one #ColorinConnecticut