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Full Service Breakdown

Full-Service Design Process



For our initial consultation, I will come out to your home to see the space, take a tour and understand your vision (or lack there of!) for your project. I take extensive notes, pictures and any measurements needed to complete the job. I’m handy with a tape measurer so I’ll measure your whole house if needed! These appointments can last anywhere from 45min-1hr and provide the information needed to create the scope of work.



I will then provide you with a detailed scope of work, listing out each and every item I understand you would like my assistance with. I will also give you an estimated amount of hours I think it will take to complete your project along with a contract to sign.



All presentations are done in-person, in your home providing you with inspiration, specific selections and construction drawings if needed. If your project is large, these presentations are usually broken up into phases to focus on specific areas at a time. Sometimes we just start with inspiration and then dive into selections from there. I typically like to “set the backdrop” first, meaning all hard surfaces such as flooring, cabinetry, countertops, tile and paint. Once those decisions are made, we can then layer on lighting, furniture, area rugs and artwork to complete the spaces. I want these meetings to be fun, interactive and never overwhelming!


Material Selections

These are items most important to see it person. At our presentations I will provide live samples so you can accurately see colors, textures and finishes and how they look in your home and your unique light. Rather than meeting you at a tile showroom, I like to do the legwork for you, weeding out the millions of options and selecting the few I think will work great for your project.


Project Management

Although large renovation schedules are best left to the general contractor, I’m happy to manage smaller projects and tradesmen such as painters, electricians and carpenters. This includes scheduling, onsite meetings and coordinating access to the home while you are away. No matter the scale of your construction, I love to be a part of the process and discuss details and design elements with the contractors.



If you’re looking to furnish a room (or maybe the entire house!) we would follow the same process as above and you would be provided with a scope that lists out each room with the desired pieces needed. We would then set up a meeting (or two) at your home where I would show you my selections for each space along with a few alternatives, fabric swatches and finish samples along with a floorplan of each room for placement. Once you’ve fallen in love with everything (I know you will!) I will provide you with a detailed estimate for purchasing. I work with many to-the-trade vendors to ensure you receive a unique design and items you won’t find in any big box store. With this, I’m able to provide you with high quality pieces that will last a lifetime at an approachable price!


Ordering & Delivery

Once you have approved your furnishings plan and paid in full, I will order all items direct and have them sent to my local receiver. They will accept all deliveries on my behalf, unpackage and inspect everything and store the items until we’re ready for install. Once all items have arrived, we will schedule a day for your white-glove delivery and grand reveal! I prefer to do this on a day you’re at work or running errands—it makes that much sweeter when you see it all put together!



As all things do, your project will come to an end (hopefully in a timely manner!) and be looking oh-so-beautiful. I’d love the opportunity to photograph your home to use in my portfolio, and of course, for you to show off to your family and friends! Your name and address are never revealed, just your gorgeous photos as a testament to my design work.